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Francisco Fajardo

Life Coach


Francisco is one of the most known coaches for the Caminos Foundation worldwide. He conducted the events of the Caminos for more than 25 years in Colombia, Venezuela, the USA, Panama, and Spain for more than 30,000 people.
The Caminos Foundation is an International organization that offers children an extensive program with educational sports, recreational and cultural activities in a safe environment. During these activities, they make children aware that they are responsible for their future, where education is their spearhead.
Francisco experience includes leadership of:
Roads Level 1 Seminars
Trail Seminars Level 2
Roads Level 3 Seminars
Trail Seminars Teenagers
Seminars Children Of The Street
Seminars For Peasants
Seminars For Ex-Gerrilleros-Self-Defenses.
Leader For Police And Armed Forces.
Seminars For Executives, Judges, Bankers, Drug Traffickers, Religious.
Seminars For Business Groups.
Instructor Drivers. (Levels I, Ii, Iii, teenagers, Specials)
Paces Leader Instructor Leader.
Seminars Trails Specialized In
Self-Esteem, Leadership, Prosperity, Forgiveness, Nino (Ego)
Superior Me (Super Me).

In addition, he has carried out the seminar "Appointment with the Creation" as well as many individual coaching sessions.

He is a survivor of Covid-19. He was hospitalized for 5 months, going through the different stages of treatment since the slow death of pneumonia with all the variants in the "icu", such as three-times intubation, tracheotomy, coma, severe imbalance in the internal organs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, central nervous system, malnutrition, dehydration, anemia, diabetes, muscular atrophy, request to disconnect the sunset and impairment.

Francisco currently teaches our Post-Covid Support Group.

Francisco Fajardo

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